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Cold Storage Rooms

We provide industrial cooling solutions for your healthy preserved goods.

We produce cold storage systems in many areas such as Meat & Fish, Fruit and Vegetables, Bakery, Agriculture, Dairy, Medical and etc.

Esad Panel is Your Solution Manufacturer.

High Capacity of Production

Within full capacity of our factory has a minimum 250,000 m² cold store panel production capacity per year

Affordable Prices & Different Variants

Remember, working with the Esad Panel means working with real manufacturer. Suitable for all budgets with options of variety

Shorter Deadlines

We provide services to hundreds of countries around the world with one of the most shortest deadlines.

Tell us your needs and let’s build your cold room together.


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You need to inform us about;

  1. Products of you gonna store in the cold room.
    Maybe meat or fruit?
  2. Room Sizes of your storage.
    Width, Length and Height
    Sample: (10.0 x 5.0 x 3,50h)
  3. Temperature Range of your room.
    Positive (-5°/+5°)
    Negative (-18°/-25°)

We are producing our equipments with specific raw materials and newest machines which suits to E.U. standards. You can also click here and see our ISO and CE papers.

Our products are guaranteed for a year (excluding usage faults) against manufacturing faults and warranty conditions are only valid for turnkey projects due to the factors that may arise from the installation.

You can send your cold storage documents, drawings or .dwg files to the our mail: [email protected] or forward us by WhatsApp too.

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