Controlled Atmosphere Door

They have been developed as atmosphere-controlled cold storage doors. It provides air impermeability through its special closed cell foam gaskets and stainless camshaft locking systems. There is a glass control section on these doors and this section can be directly assembled to the cold room wall. Our door blades are manufactured in monoblock form. The frame anodized aluminium profiles and the sheet and all the internal supporting sheets are combined in a way that would not create a thermal bridge and an integral strength is provided by injecting polyurethane inside this structure.

High Density

Indispensable in isolation thanks to its optimum density.


PURs with the B3 class as standard, its fire resistance is the minimum class. It can be produced as B2.


It provides minimum heat leakage with its dense raw material.

Water Resistant

The only liquid inside may be your products.

Pratic Assembly

Installation that even amateurs feel like experts.

Sound Isolation

What is inside stays inside, what is outside stays outside.

Sivas, Türkiye


80×180 ~ 300×420



Case Thickness

8,0 cm

Case Additions

For, 10, 12, 15, 18, 20 cm


Aluminum (6063), Cr-Ni (SS304)

Frame Thicknesses

Cold: 9,2 cm, Frozen:11,6 cm


P.P.G.I. Poly, PVC, Cr-Ni

Color Codes

POLY: RAL9002 – PVC: ARB1 – CRNI: SS304

Isolation Material

PUR – Polyurethane


42 (±2) kg/m3


PUR: B+s3+d0 , B+s2+d0


Cold: None Frozen: Heater Cable in Gaskets