Cold Room Floor Heating Mats

Cold rooms at low temperatures are subject to the phenomenon of freezing of the humidity present in the floor; the formation of ice causes the floor crumble gradually over the time. To avoid this deterioration it is necessary to install heating mats in the floor of the cold rooms. The mats are installed above the vapor barrier under the insulation. The heat generated by the mats prevents the floor moisture from turning into ice. Control panel, thermostat and temperature sensors are also avaliable.

  • Prevents the floors from freezing and icing
  • Preventing structural damage and accidents.
  • Prolongs the life of the floor.
  • Improves the thermal insulation
  • Increases the energy efficiency

Specially produced heater single-core conductive copper cables have tpu coating, armor braid/grounding and silicone coating around them.

Thermal conductive copper cables comes wrapped in a mattress, making installation easier.

Cold air released from the internal environment of cold stores may freeze the moisture contained within the soil underneath their foundation.

Installation infographic of heating mats