Cold Room Lighting Systems

The most efficient lighting method for cold storages is led lighting. Thanks to the LED lighting systems used in cold rooms, we prevent the heat source caused by the lighting in the room. Led lighting fixtures can be used for many years without any problems in a wide temperature range.

  • Water-resists IP65 or IP66
  • Long life time
  • Frost-free
  • Hygienic

Cold storage is used to maintain the quality and prolong the use of products. Lighting requirements of cold storage differ from other applications because of the low ambient temperature and moisture environment. Some cold storage features -30 °C freezing temperature. Moreover, cold storage has limited exits and windows to ensure effective cooling performance. Food, pharmaceuticals, and other products are stored on high racks in cold storage. Besides, people seldom walk in unless they need goods in cold storage. According to the former features of cold storage, we can conclude that cold storage lighting must meet the below demands.

  • It can work stably under -30 °C with low maintenance and has high ingress protection.
  • Cold storage lighting fixtures should emit less heat to avoid strengthening the load on the cooling system. With many high racks environment, lighting patterns should be long and narrow in aisle areas, which can make sure light is fully used without wasting. What’s more, forklift drivers must be able to look up and down the stacks and the products, which require the horizontal lighting level and vertical lighting level can make human eyes feel comfortable to enhance job safety and work efficiency.
  • People seldom walk in cold storage, which requires lighting has multiple intelligent control options, enabling cold storage facilities to dramatically reduce both operating and maintenance costs.
  • Since their high efficiency and long life do not create a heat source, they are widely used in cold rooms. Replacement and maintenance costs are low.
  • The bulb life of light sources widely used in industrial applications today is approximately 6,000-12,000 hours. This number is over 50,000 hours in LED systems.