PVC Strip Curtain

Cold Storage PVC Strip Curtains that will help lower power bills by keeping cold air inside freezer sections. The freezer door flaps hold the cold air in and prevent warm air from entering. The clear strips allow a clear line of sight into the cooler and are rated for low temperatures that prevent cold crack. Cold room door strips. The cold storage freezer curtains are quick to install on any opening.

  • Energy saving strip curtain
  • Effective temperature control
  • Excellent barrier against noise and air pollution
  • Pedestrian or light vehicle use
  • Anti-Bacterial

Cold room pvc strip curtains has easy setup of installation. Replacement PVC strip bulk rolls are cut to your desired length and with pre-punched mounting holes for a quick installation.

Cold Room PVC Strip Curtains

PVC rolls use stabilizers which are are cristal clear, superior to calcium/zinc and barium/zinc stabilizers.

Cold Room Refrigeration Unit Specifications - EsadPanel2

Environmentally friendly products, which means all materials in the storage are in safe.

Cold Room Panel Hygienic - Food Safety - EsadPanel

Special hygienic materials for food environments, thus they are safe products for health.