Cold Storage for Meat

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     Meats need to be cooled and frozen to maintain quality and flavor.It is ensured that the quality of the meats, which are preserved in various standards, from processing to storage and preservation is not reduced during this time.

Meat storage cold room have their own characteristics. When storing unpacked chilled meat (lumps, quarters and half carcasses), it should be taken into account that the meat juice, that inevitably falls on the floor, is very erodent and a floor covering in the chamber must be chemically stable.  

Types for Meat Cold Room

  • Pre-Cooling Chambers
  • Product Shock/Blast Freezers
  • High Efficiency Low Energy Cooling Applications, Freezer Cooling Systems

What we need to Learn?

  • Room Dimensions? (Width, Length, Height)
  • Temperature? (+12°, +5°, -0°, -5°, -18°, -25°, -40°)
  •  Products? (Meat types and conditions?)

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