Esad Panel joined the Serbian Sectoral Trade Delegation Organization with İSİB.

     The Air Conditioning Industry Exporters’ Association (ISIB) organized a Sectoral Trade Delegation organization with the participation of Turkish exporters to Serbia between 8-10 May. Members of the Board of Directors Kerem Ünlü and Ömer Duyar attended the organization on behalf of İSİB.

While 22 companies from Turkey and 80 companies from Serbia participated in the bilateral meetings held in Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, on May 9, a total of 277 business meetings were held. During the meetings, Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey to Belgrade Hami Aksoy visited the participating companies and exchanged information.
Before the meetings, the Republic of Turkey Belgrade Commercial Counselor Yasemin Yüce informed the participants about the country’s economic situation, business culture and relations between Turkey and Serbia.

The event was visited by Serbian Association of Mechanical and Electrical Engineers and Technicians, SMEITS President Bratislav Blagojevic and Secretary General Vladan Galebovic. They exchanged views with the ISIB Board of Directors on the participation of our member companies in the KGH International HVAC&R fair, which will be held by SMEITS on 6-8 December 2023 in Belgrade. Officials from the Turkish-Serbian Businessmen’s Association also visited the event.

ISIB Board Member Kerem Ünlü stated that the sectoral trade delegation organization held in Serbia was very productive and said: “Serbia is a developing country in Southeastern Europe that is trying to grow. It has strategic importance in our sector due to its geographical proximity. As the Turkish Air Conditioning Industry, we are among the top 5 countries in Serbia’s imports. In order to increase our power in the country as a sector, we organized a commercial delegation. We observed that our companies participating in our organization made many connections that will turn into exports during these meetings. We think that with our marketing, communication and training activities, the relations between countries and sectors will rise even higher and we will raise our export targets even more. “