Cooling Capacity Calculator of Cold Room


Did you know that you can calculate the cooling capacity of cold stores with the basic m3 information you have? You can do it now with our calculation tool indexed to Eurovent data.

Calculate Cold Room Cooling Capacity!

There are ways to calculate the cooling capacity according to many parameters. Here, our experts make calculations using various software. There are many parameters such as the tonnage inside, the number of glasses, the load of the lighting system, the operating range of the compressors, the frequency of entering the cold storage, the inlet and outlet temperatures of the products. Or? Thanks to Eurovent standards, you can calculate your cooling capacity need by taking a few steps, thanks to the averages of many parameters. However, we would like to point out that the parameters as above are essential for accurate results.

Cooling Capacity Calculator

The above calculations are made according to Eurovent m3/kg standards. Your conditions may vary according to the working conditions of your devices and the occupancy of the volumes of your rooms. Calculations are based on average values.