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Cold storages are cold rooms that offer healthy storage conditions for meat, chicken and poultry, fish, milk and dairy products, bakery products and other food products, as well as products of industries such as logistics, medicine and drugs, and agriculture.

or cold storage rooms are used in many businesses such as grocery stores, markets, hotels, warehouses, slaughterhouses and processing facilities.

PROJECT: Cold Room – Cold Storage Eschen

What we need to Learn?

  • Dimensions ? (Width, length, height)
  • Temperature ? (+12°, +5°, -0°, -5°, -18°, -25°, -40°)
  • Products ? (What’s inside?)
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    Cold Storage - Cold Room - Freezer - Refrigerator - Fridge

    Cold rooms, walk-in chiller, positive temperature or fridge cold rooms, are designed for the conservation of products between -5°C and 15ºC. Mainly used for the preservation of fresh food, fruits and vegetables, beverages, processing areas, agriculture, flowers, pastry, bakery or medicines.

    Cold Room Project

    Freezer cold rooms, minus or negative temperature frozen cold rooms are used to keep frozen products or freezing between -10°C and -28ºC. They usually have fewer daily openings. Frozen food, meat, fish, chicken, vaccines, or organic material are kept at these temperatures.

    Cold Storage - Cold Room - Freezer - Refrigerator - Fridge

    Deep freezing or Blast freezers are working in temperature of -40 ºC. It freezes the product individually by means of automatic displacement systems and cold currents while the product moves around inside the chamber. Mainly used in the food industry for the super fast blast freezing.